The Spectacular Festival Celebrated: Epiphany


Epiphany festival or the so called Timket in Amharic has been celebrated in different part of Ethiopia participating millions of Ethiopian and thousands of tourists came from different part of the world. This joyous event lasted two days, the 18th  and the 19th of January, extending to a third day, the day of Michele.

The festival has been started on January 18, 2012 after noon with procession caring the Tabotes (Arc), the archetypical symbols of saints, to a source of water where believes are sprinkled with holy water. After the arrival of all the Tabotes at the destination centre, different religious ceremonies have been done.

In Bahir Dar City, the capital of Amhara Region whose dominant religion is orthodox, the people have fasted together dancing and singing different songs. In January 19 early in the morning, after more than three hour lasting rituals of the Mass and different religious ceremony priests have sprayed holy water over the people and the returning procession has been done.

The ceremony of Timket, which means ‘immersion’ in Amharic, is commonly equated with the celebration of epiphany. It is one of the most important feasts of the Ethiopian Orthodox Church and is most spectacular festival.



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