The Monks of Waldba Monastery is under Attack

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A monk living in the monastery told East Radio that five monks, who refused the Ethiopian government cultivation programme located around the monastery, have been arrested by federal police. The monk indicated that three of the monks have been arrested in Maytebryu where as the rest of them have been in Adrekay.

According to Esat Radio, the people living in Chemo and Atana areas have protested the arrest of the monks, though they couldn’t continue because of a forcible interference of police force.

The government officials are saying that the people have stopped their protest understanding that the cultivation doesn’t have any negative impact on the monastery. Regarding this, the monk told East Radio that what the government say is definitely false; he exposed that the government is saying that just to confuse the community.

The monk also added that the monks of the monastery have now no guarantee for their life.

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