Ethiopians Army Terrorize Degahbour Province

Reports reaching Ogaden online service desk from Jarar (Degahbour) province confirm the detention of more than 200 civilians from multiple towns and hamlets by the Ethiopian military and its associated militias in and around the province. The mass detention took place last week. It is reported that all property/Livestock was either slaughtered taken by the Ethiopian soldiers and its associated Liyu Militias.

In a tragic but expected behavior from the Ethiopian military, it is reported that the military quickly misappropriated all the foods and livestock’s.  It is said that the military threatened with death anyone who attempted to block the misappropriation of the civilian food supplies.

The Ethiopian military is reported to have transported all town and hamlet dwellers to the military detention centers around the area. Some of the towns and hamlets in Degahbour include the following:

The hamlet of  Obole (Cobole), which is forty  Five kilometers North of the city of Degahbour;

The hamlet of Higlaley, which is Twenty Seven kilometers North of Degahbour city;

The Hamlet of Boodhley, which is approximately Thirty Seven kilometers North  of the city of Degahbour:

The Hamlet of Sandhoore, which is exactly twenty kilometers North west of the city of Degahbour;

And the hamlet of Dhakaabaxaro, which is around the same vicinity.

Some of the detained in other parts of Ogaden are as follows:

  1. Muuse Xaaji Maxamed.
  2. Ahmed Nuur Xuseen.
  3. Nimco Xasan siciid.
  4. Khadar Xasan siciid.

Credible sources within the Ethiopian government confirmed that the looting and mass detaintion have been organized and carried out by the Ethiopian military and its associated militia. A venerable resident of the town of Degahbour confirmed that Abdi Iley, the local Jigjiga administration spearheaded the despicable operation carried against the Ogaden civilians in the towns and hamlets in Degahbour area.


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