Am I contributing to the land grab in Ethiopia?


Is the problem of food crisis going to be fixed?

I think the answer is NO

Even after reaching the pinnacle of technological advancement the issue around food crisis is not going to be resolved.

Is this intentional or planned crisis?

I don’t think that way, but I think there are multiple factors that are leading us to this situation

This goes back to the Cola or Coffee in your hand

You might ask…”Why is this Cola or Coffee creating a food crisis in another continent?”

Let us de construct the article in Survival international

Land grabs in Ethiopia leave tribes hungry on World Food Day” published on 15 October 2012

How many are affected?

1.5 million (as reported by the Guardian)

Who’s affected?

Suri, Mursi, Bodi and Kwegu tribes from the Omo valley

What’s taken?


Taken for whom?

These lands are used by foreign companies to grow…

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